trust [trust]
[ME < ON traust, trust, lit., firmness < IE * drou-sto- < base * deru-, tree > TREE, TRUE + sto-, standing < base * sta-, to STAND]
a) firm belief or confidence in the honesty, integrity, reliability, justice, etc. of another person or thing; faith; reliance
b) the person or thing trusted
2. confident expectation, anticipation, or hope [to have trust in the future]
a) the fact of having confidence placed in one
b) responsibility or obligation resulting from this
4. keeping; care; custody
5. something entrusted to one; charge, duty, etc.
6. confidence in a purchaser's intention or future ability to pay for goods or services delivered; credit [to sell on trust]
a) an industrial or business combination, now illegal in the U.S., in which management and control of the member corporations are vested in a single board of trustees, who are thus able to control a market, absorb or eliminate competition, fix prices, etc.
b) CARTEL (sense 3): see also
9. Law
a) an arrangement by which property is put under the ownership and control of a person (trustee) who bears the responsibility of administering it for the benefit of another ( beneficiary)
b) the confidence reposed in a trustee
c) the whole of the property held in trust
d) a trustee or group of trustees
e) the beneficiary's right to property held in trust
10. Archaic trustworthiness; loyalty
[ME trusten, altered (based on the n.) < ON treysta, to trust, confide < base of traust]
1. to have trust or faith; place reliance; be confident
2. to hope
3. to give business credit
a) to believe in the honesty, integrity, justice, etc. of; have confidence in
b) to rely or depend on [trust them to be on time]
2. to commit (something) to a person's care
3. to put something confidently in the charge of [to trust a lawyer with one's case]
4. to allow to do something without fear of the outcome [to trust a child to go to the store]
5. to believe or suppose
6. to expect confidently; hope
7. to grant business credit to
1. relating to a trust or trusts
2. held in trust
3. managing for an owner; acting as trustee
in trust
in the condition of being entrusted to another's care
trust to
to rely on

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